Introducing is an online development environment for planning, creating and deploying hybrid cloud services. gives you:

  • Hosted, integrated toolchain
  • Planning tools for managing and prioritizing work
  • Code editing and debugging tools built on Eclipse Che
  • Integrated and automated CI/CD pipelines
  • Dashboards and reporting tools

What is (OSIO)?, combined with OpenShift Online, provides an integrated approach to DevOps, including all the tools a team needs to analyze, plan, create and deploy services. also has new features that provide a one-click Linux container environment for developers and a machine learning system that helps developers make better decisions. is Open Source. It incorporates many projects including fabric8, Eclipse Che, OpenJDK, Performance Co-Pilot, WildFly Swarm, Eclipse Vert.x, Spring Boot and OpenShift.

Minimize the time and effort it takes to build and maintain an end-to-end development tool chain. is a hosted service with planning tools like prioritizable backlogs and kanban boards for managing your work. It has coding, editing, and debugging tools built on Eclipse Che that provide developers with a full featured IDE. Dashboard and reporting tools give teams and developers information on how their projects are progressing and code is performing. All of these tools are integrated by default and share a common datastore. The combination of these tools reduces building and maintenance efforts.

Makes it simple to create containerized dev, test and staging environments.

Developers can automatically create containerized development environments with the workspace management capabilities of Eclipse Che. OSIO creates environments, using your favorite technology stacks, that are hosted in a container on OpenShift Online. integrates the Jenkins Pipeline plugins to give developers a complete library, allowing them to assemble their build pipeline. You can create the simplest ‘just build it’ pipeline or add promotions between environments as well as human approval steps. Pipeline definitions are written using a Groovy DSL providing huge flexibility in how you assemble the pieces into pipelines. Together, these capabilities reduce resource drag during development and deployment.

Allow development teams to be more confident in the technology decisions they make. helps developers make better decisions. It provides actionable recommendations and insights around the software components developers use. Analytics applies machine learning algorithms based on the usage pattern of components. The data is gathered from various public data sources such as Github, Maven and NPM along with our own internal OpenShift data. Through this comprehensive data set, developers get tangible information for credible decision-making. is an additional benefit of your OpenShift Online subscription. extends the developer experience of OpenShift Online. When you sign up to use you are given an OpenShift Online account with enough resources to run a basic stage and run environment, pipelines and an Eclipse Che development workspace. The combination is a powerful toolset enabling the agile deployment of applications.

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